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Our newest product is hardwood, engineered and laminate wood flooring. We have too many different styles to show them all here. We probably have the style and/or color you are looking for. This is one of our supplier's website - click for an idea of various styles available.

We are cabinet experts. We know the flooring business but do not consider ourselves experts. So, if you need a lot of flooring expertise for some reason, we are probably not your best solution. However, if you need quality products at very good pricing, we probably are your best solution.

Our most common flooring is
laminate wood flooring. We have laminates ranging from 8 mm to 12.3 mm and prices vary from $1.20 per square foot to $2.30 per square foot. Most people choose the thicker (12.3 mm) and those range from about $1.75 to $2.30 with most being in the $2 range.

All of our
hardwood flooring is very good quality. We can get lower end floors, but we choose to only carry quality hardwood floors. Our hardwood floors range from about $3.50 per square foot to about $8 per square foot.

We have recently started carrying sinks and faucets as well.

To see flooring samples, get a quote, set an appointment or for any other flooring questions contact the store in your area.